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3 September 2018

Working in the field in South Sudan

Our colleague Sophia had lived for nine years in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. Her 6-year-old daughter goes to school in Addis Abeba, because Juba is too dangerous. Yet she has never left as a relief worker for Light for the World. She helps the most vulnerable in South Sudan, children with physical and intellectual impairments.

Sophia’s story

“18 years ago I started working as a CBR field worker. I am currently a Disability Inclusion/CBR Advisor and team leader in South Sudan for the international program of Light for the World,” says Sophia.

“During my work I am in direct contact with those wo need our help and with those who need this help the most. When I see a smile of a mother who has a child with a disability, I immediately become happy. This is the reason why I work in the field.

I met many children who could go to school because of the help of our interventions. Eight years ago we passed by a boy who is blind. Now he is 19 years old and this year he has got the chance to go to school. Through CBR and the Disability Inclusion program, children with different types of disabilities can go to mainstream schools. Many organizations now involve people with disabilities in their programs.

It is still a difficult task to improve the negative attitude towards people with disabilities. Participation in education is also a challenge for people with disabilities. We need to change the attitude of people and ensure that people with disabilities count. Jobs, education and equal rights.”

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