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19 December 2016

Who does what in the Lab


Sander Schot

I am working on building the Lab team.
My ambition: Everybody should work in an inclusive way to enable persons with disabilities to get the same chances and opportunities like anybody else. That should not be an exception, but the norm.


Murali Padmanabhan

I am the Gender & Disability Inclusion Advisor for South and Central Asian Region.
My ambition: I aspire a world where all marginalised groups including fellow persons with disabilities are able to enjoy their rights t lead a quality life with respect and dignity through active participation in making decisions that affect their lives and contribute to a society of equality.


Judith Baart

I work as a Research and Documentation Specialist.
My ambition: I analyse what the challenges, success factors and best entry points are for disability inclusion in development programmes and organisations. In addition, I write and edit resources on disability inclusion such as guidelines, journal articles, toolboxes and training documents. By documenting and sharing what we are learning I want to contribute to the global knowledge base on how to make inclusion work.



I am a Disability Inclusion Specialist. I develop and facilitate training programmes on inclusion of people with disabilities. I build the capacity of NGOs, disabled people organisations & governments to make inclusion of people with disabilities a reality.
My ambition is that anyone who joins a training has a great time and becomes an effective disability inclusion ambassador: skilled and motivated to promote inclusion of people with disabilities in his or her own work and context!


My role as a Disability Rights Specialist is to strengthen the commitment of governments to making their laws, policies and programmes disability inclusive. Our aim is that the rights of persons with disabilities are protected, respected and fulfilled, especially in the areas of economic development, humanitarian aid and sexual reproductive health. In my work I focus on the foreign policies of the Dutch government, as well as on supporting the lobby and advocacy efforts of Disabled People’s Organisations in our partner countries.



I am director of Light for the World Netherlands.
My ambition: to make as many people as possible aware of the rights of people with disabilities and support as many organisations as possible to make their programmes and services accessible for marginalised groups, especially persons with disabilities.

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