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5 February 2019

Tripling school enrolment in Northern Uganda

In Uganda, it is estimated that over 70% of children with disabilities have never been to school. For those that do attend school, the primary leaving examination results for 2018 indicates poor performance of children with disabilities. Light for the World thus partnered with ZOA to work on inclusive education in 34 community primary schools in Acholi (Northern Uganda) and Pokot community (North-eastern Uganda). Light for the World provided technical support on disability inclusion to ZOA staff – and the results were overwhelming!

ZOA staff became ambassadors for disability inclusion not only in education but also in other projects they are involved in, like the livelihood projects. They also learnt sign language with passion! Involving leaders of people with disabilities, parents and teachers made enrolment triple in just one academic term.

We have learned many lessons – one of them is that partnership works for inclusive education. But for this kind of partnership to produce tangible results, there are key elements for both partners: agree that there is a need for inclusive education and acknowledging the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholders. There is also a need for effective communication – right from the partner to the pupil! The relationship between partners should be based on mutual understanding and not on strict conditions.

Want to know more about what happened in Uganda, or about inclusive education in general? Contact Ambrose Murangira!

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