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3 September 2019

Training for Plan International’s Champions of Change Facilitators in Uganda

“To be honest, I do not have any youth with a disability in my group but there are many in my village. What I can promise is: I’m going to mobilize and recruit them. I have skills to include them now!”

That was what one of the promises of the participants of the disability inclusion training for the Champions of Change Facilitators of Plan International in Uganda. In August, 51 young  female and male facilitators (18-24 years old) received training from Light for the World on how to include youth with disabilities in the youth clubs that they are facilitating in 560 villages. In the boys and girls youth groups young people are trained to become Champions of Change: they learn how to promote gender equality and get training about sexual and reproductive health and rights. It’s very important for boys and girls with disabilities to participate in these groups and have access to the same information as their peers. The 51 facilitators will train 30 boys and 30 girls per village, so they are reaching out to 33600 young people. From now on, girls and boys with disabilities will no longer be sidelined, they will be part of the groups. Trough this training we can potentially reach out to 3000-4000 young people with disabilities or even more! This training is part of the joint “My body, my future” programme of  Plan International and Light for the World.

Light for the World has Disability Inclusion Advisors in Bolivia, Cambodia, India, South Sudan, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda who can provide tailor made trainings for your organisation as well. You can contact Paulien Bruijn and ask for more information.

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