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21 February 2018

Training opportunity in Utrecht, 16-18 April

The Sustainable Development Goals urge us to Leave No One Behind. Both policy makers and programme implementers agree that inclusion of marginalised groups is important. But the reality shows that inclusion does not happen automatically: You have to deliberately plan for it!

In this practical and interactive 2,5 day training you will learn how to include a disability rights perspective in your work and make inclusion a reality. And on top of that: the tools and methods that are used for inclusion of people with disabilities can also be used to include people who are marginalised and excluded on other grounds.

Content of the training programme

  • Legal Frameworks for inclusion;
  • Basic principles of inclusion: Attitude, Communication, Accessibility & Participation;
  • Identifying barriers that block equal participation of people with disabilities in development projects;
  • Steps to make development projects disability inclusive;
  • Anchoring disability inclusion at organisational level.

For whom

This training is organised for people involved in international development cooperation. So if you are a policy maker, proposal writer, programme coordinator, trainer, manager, consultant, M&E specialist or lobbyist and want to learn how to include a disability perspective in your own work? Than this is the right training for you!

At the end of the training you will

  • Understand disability inclusion from a rights based perspective;
  • have a good insight in the concept of disability inclusive development;
  • know how to set up disability inclusive projects;
  • know how to assess the inclusiveness of your own organisation;
  • have a set of practical tools to promote & monitor inclusion of people with disabilities in your own projects and organisation;
  • have a set of facilitation methods to build the capacity of your colleagues.

Download full invitation leaflet here

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