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3 September 2018

The Inclusion Game

Today Light for the World launches the Inclusive health game!

‘Disability inclusion should not be a heavy topic and a burden, but energizing and a great thing to do.’ With that thought, Light for the World started to develop a game that helps to facilitate disability inclusion in a playful way.

The Inclusive health game is the first game in a series of Inclusion games. The Inclusive Health Game helps you and your team to understand the barriers that people with a disability face when they make use of health care services – and to create short term and long term solutions.

You can now order the game in a box, that can be shipped to you by regular post. Or you can download the digital version of the game that can be used on a tablet or laptop or be printed with a regular colour printer. For both options, go the website: With the instructions provided anyone can play the game.

On the 9th of October 10:30 Central European time, we are organising a webinar where we show the Game and give room for questions and answers. Please send an email to to subscribe for the webinar.

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