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Recycling plastic waste

In Pursat, Cambodia, health and rehabilitation services are inadequate. As throughout the rest of the world, the region is struggling with access to basic sanitary equipment to combat the spread of coronavirus. Recently, a new technology has become available: recycling plastic waste into productive items. This makes it possible to produce face shields for protection purposes. There are plans to recycle plastic waste into face shields in collaboration with people with disabilities. There are many other options as well for the use of this tech, such as making pots, hooks, etc.

There are plans to implement this technology in Cambodia also. The benefits of this recycling are:

  • Good for supply side (and also potential for income generation in future)
  • Good for employment (we can employ people with disabilities as operators)
  • Good for environment (using waste plastic and recycling into usable items)  

Read more about this innovative programme. Download below the document.

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