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Humanitarian Aid All Inclusive

During humanitarian crises and natural disasters, persons in vulnerable circumstances are hit hardest. This includes persons with disabilities. According to a recent WHO World Report on Disabilityii, 15% of the population worldwide live with a disability, 80% of them in developing countries. This means that more than 700 million persons are at a higher risk of not accessing humanitarian action because of discrimination, physical barriers or their relative invisibility to intervening organisations.

In recent years, humanitarian organisations have increasingly realised the need to include persons with disabilities in their emergency work – but little has changed on the ground. Many of the institutions are
insecure about including persons with disabilities in their disaster-preparedness work, let alone in their relief work when a disaster strikes. This reader is intended as an incentive for practitioners to overcome
their hesitation. It provides practical guidance and examples on how to remove barriers and make interventions more inclusive. Even if disability is not an overt part of the mandate of your organisation, it is both necessary and absolutely feasible to increase inclusion – learn how in this publication.

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