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Disability Inclusion Score Card

Why this tool?
Inclusion of marginalized groups in development and humanitarian projects will only be sustainable if also the organisational values, systems and policies become inclusive. Inclusion needs to be anchored at organisational level: otherwise the topic will easily disappear from the agenda. Besides that, if we want to preach inclusion in our projects, we also should be practicing it ourselves within our own organisation.

The Inclusion Score Card is a monitoring tool to measure inclusion at organisational level. It measures how inclusive your organisation is against a set of detailed inclusion criteria. The tool helps you to identify the strengths and opportunities for change in terms of making your organization more inclusive.

The inclusion score card specifically focuses on inclusion of persons with disabilities and gender inclusion, but the tool can easily be adapted to focus on inclusion of other groups as well.

For whom?
The Inclusion Score Card is developed specifically for use by development organisations, but can be used by other organisations as well. In that case you will have to contextualize some questions to your own organisational make up.

There are also disability inclusion score cards available for TVET centres, businesses and disability specific organisations. If you are interested in one of these versions please contact us at

When and how to use it?
This tool is intended to be used as a guided organisational assessment. The assessment can be carried out multiple times (e.g. at start, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years) to measure change over time. Please note that the inclusion score card is not an awareness raising tool. The organisational assessment should be part of a wider process of capacity building on disability inclusion and gender mainstreaming. Doing an organisational assessment without basic understanding of disability and gender will be less effective. Staff & management will be more motivated to take action if they understand why it is important to become more inclusive.

About the tool
The Inclusion Score Card was originally developed by Light for the World in close cooperation with 30 Dutch, Ethiopian & Indian NGOs, representatives from the disability movement and the VU University. It was first published in Count Me In. The current version is revised in partnership with ICCO Cooperation Nepal and Mission East.

More information
Interested to learn more about inclusion in projects and organisations? More information can be found in our publications via the Disability Inclusion Lab. Some good ones to start with are Count Me In (2012), Inclusion Works (2014) and Towards Inclusion (2017).

If you want to receive guidance from Light for the World in doing an organisational assessment, please contact one of our disability inclusion advisors through

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