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3 July 2020

Providing information on COVID19

During this COVID pandemic Light for the World focuses primarily on providing accessible information to people with disabilities. The information about coronavirus prevention and government guidelines is very important. We work closely with our local Disability Inclusion Facilitators. Together we mainly focus on providing information to people with a visual and hearing impairment.

In Tanzania the DIF’s are wearing T-shirts with awareness and protection messages about COVID-19.


In Uganda we have so far:

  • 4 sign language videos made on coronavirus prevention;
  • 3 vlogs produced by our Disability Inclusion Facilitators on the impact of the corona virus;
  • 2 audio files recorded with government measures and prevention of the corona virus.

Separately together

In one of the informative videos, Musa, Disability Inclusion Facilitator in Kampala (Uganda), explains how he copes with the challenges he is experiencing today.

“The challenge I am facing, as someone with a visual impairment, is social distancing. This is because if I am to move out, I need someone to guide me and that means that person has to hold my hand. I also have to touch the surroundings if I am to move arround as a form of aiding  my mobility. Yes, this makes me vulnerable.” tells Musa. However, he closes with a positive message: ” Don’t worry, you are not alone! We are just… #SeparatelyTogether!”

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