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My Body My Future

My Body My Future is a multi-country program implemented by Plan International Finland in collaboration with Light for the World Netherlands (2018-2021) in Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Laos and Myanmar.

My Body My Future program aims at empowerment of adolescents (with the specific focus on girls) in understanding their sexual & reproductive needs and rights. The program addresses the root causes of gender inequality in communities and societies fighting against child marriage, teenage pregnancy and female genital mutilation. A program partner Light for the World Netherlands is responsible for the inclusion of adolescents with disabilities and for the development of inclusive intervention strategies and partnerships within the program set up.

The program involves a total of 11 implementing partner with different roles: local civil society organizations, a gender network, a University, two traditional kingdoms among others. WE also work closely with community radios, small informal associations and youth groups. Next to program teams there is also a disability inclusion adviser placed in each country of implementation.

My Body My Future program acknowledges intersection between gender and inclusion ensuring that its mutually reinforcing nature works effectively and that it is clearly articulated and put into practice in the program work. Therefore, tackling exclusion and ensuring the equal participation of adolescents with disabilities is built in the fabric of this program.

My Body My Future programs aims at the following outcomes:

  • Adolescent with and without disabilities adopt knowledge, attitudes and behaviors needed to make autonomous and healthy decisions to realize their SRH rights
  • Parents, leaders and community members increasingly adopt knowledge, attitudes and behaviors that value girls’ equally, condemn child marriage and all violence against girls with and without disabilities
  • Civil society actors are increasingly engaged and mobilize others for gender equality and girls’ rights
  • Government and local authorities place a higher priority on adolescent SRHR in policy frameworks and address sexual violence and harmful practices in their work

Program-reach: overall, My Body My Future aims to reach directly an estimated 589,000 people, more than half of whom are adolescents aged 10-19 years. This also includes vulnerable groups like adolescents with disabilities.

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