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For innovators

Let’s make disability inclusion work … as an innovator

Do you want to innovate for inclusion in economic development? Are you eager to find solutions to overcome stubborn challenges that block participation of persons with disabilities? Are you a social entrepreneur looking for new business opportunities?

Join one of the innovation programmes on disability inclusion focused on:

The Lab brings together different stakeholders and facilitates the innovation process by:

  • creating a joint programme;
  • developing and testing new solutions;
  • enhancing capacities;
  • developing tools and resources;
  • documenting lessons learned;
  • and lobbying and advocating for disability inclusion at national and international level.

In practice

Within the EmployAble programme, vocational training institutes, disabled people organisations, employers and local governments in Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda work together. Their goal is to include youth with disabilities in existing TVET programmes and support them in finding jobs. Implementation and learning go hand in hand. Challenges are identified and new solutions tested. This will result in a learning guide that can be used for upscaling or replication in other TVET programmes. The programme was recognised as a ‘Zero Project Innovative Practice 2016’.

“We now embrace youth with disabilities. I can say we can now train persons with disabilities without any difficulties. I am touched when I see youth with disabilities walk in and request training. I feel confident about referring them to employers because I know they have the skills to work and I want to see them advance up to their level.”
A trainer at Technobrain Kenya

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