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For implementers

Let’s make disability inclusion work … as an implementer

Are you working for an NGO, government organisation or service provider that is willing to include persons with disabilities in its services and projects but lacks the required skills and capacities?

If your organisation is motivated to mainstream disability throughout all its structures and is seeking long-term collaboration to achieve this goal, then involving the Disability Inclusion Lab is a good option.

The Lab offers:

  • joint proposal development,
  • fundraising and project implementation;
  • capacity building and learning on the job;
  • access to tools, resources and learning networks;
  • advice and training on disability inclusion at organisational level;
  • and joint lobbying and advocacy.

In practice

Dutch development organisations ICCO, The Leprosy Mission and Light for the World cooperated with seven local organisations in Bangladesh in setting up a programme to improve the food security of 40,000 women headed households living in extreme poverty. This EU funded programme was designed to be inclusive, enabling persons with disabilities to participate on an equal level as persons without disabilities. Almost 4,000 women with disabilities (10%) successfully participated in the women groups and achieved the same results with their income generating activities as the women without disabilities.

“At the beginning I was sceptical about inclusion of persons with disabilities in the project, but now I know that with the right support they are able to participate. They were often more serious in performing their income-generating activities than the other participants.”
A programme manager from the FSUP programme in Bangladesh

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