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12 March 2019

Pleading for equal rights in Bangladesh

In Bagladesh, people with disabilities are standing up for themselves! The Center for Disability in Development (CDD) has set up the Disability Inclusive Development project in collaboration with Light for the World. In this project, people with disabilities are standing up for their rights, are part of the society and are involved in their community.

Every month, people with disabilities, their families, the community and leaders come together to discuss the problems and needs of people with disabilities. They work together in self-help groups. Together they fight for their rights, services and opportunities.

2 seats reserved

Placing stickers in the bus.

And they do it with success! In consultation with the bus association in Northern Bangladesh, people with disabilities have been given the opportunity to travel by bus, just like everyone else. Previously, it was difficult for people with disabilities to travel by public transport. Nobody made room for them or they were not even allowed to get on the bus. Now there are places reserved for people with disabilities. Buses in Northern Bangladesh now have a sticker with ‘2 seats reserved for people with disabilities’. And that’s not all. They can even travel by bus for half the price.

Every month people with disabilities get the chance to talk to the bus associations. During these meetings they can raise their problems and discuss possibilities.

People with disabilities now have access to public transport in Northern Bangladesh and can travel back and forth. Many more people are even giving away their seat when someone with a disability enters the bus.

They got a voice

Through the project, people with disabilities know how to claim their rights and have a voice in meetings. A total of 786 people with disabilities participated in the project. 61% is male and 39% is female.

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