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15 December 2017

Opening Bell Ceremony at Euronext Amsterdam

Three years ago, Light for the World foundation struck the opening bell to draw attention to the employment project for youth with disabilities in developing countries. Today there are no less than three reasons to hit the opening bell again.

For starters it is exactly 35 years ago that Light for the World was founded by ophthalmologist Martien Cozijnsen and his wife Jenny. The work started with a school for the blind in Thailand and has expanded vastly over the years. Providing opportunities for people with disabilities in the poorest countries is still the core mission of the organisation. To celebrate the start of the anniversary, Jan, the son of Martien and Jenny will be present at the opening bell ceremony.

Today we also celebrate the resounding results of the three-year employment project for youth with disabilities in Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda. No less than 71% of the more than 400 participating youth have found paid work. The outcomes of the project give sufficient reason to start a second phase, in which once again a large group of youth with disabilities will see a better future. We also hit the opening bell for them.


Special guest is Bernd van Kruistum. Bernd works for a furniture factory in Ethiopia. He employed several deaf youth thanks to his contact with Light for the World.

Light for the World calls on companies active in Africa to get started with the inclusion of youth with disabilities in the workplace. The foundation can provide advice and practical support in this.

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