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2 April 2020

Meet the team: Stephen

My name is Stephen Njenga, working for Light for the World as the Country Director Kenya. My background is in entrepreneurship, specifically designing marketing approaches and building innovative business models that are inclusive to low income populations. I joined LFTW in May of 2019, and this has been a very fulfilling journey so far.

My motivation is to build capacity of as many entrepreneurs to scale their business. As I possibly can through as many support systems as there can be, either through my personal efforts or through partnerships and am glad I am working at LFTW to make this happen.

My current role in managing the country office entails management of current programs, building sustainable partnerships with like-minded organizations, fundraising and building new concepts that support the mission of the Kenya office which is economically empowering people with disabilities.

The Kenyan Government has done a lot in inclusion of people with disabilities and ensuring that their rights are taken care of in all sectors, in education by providing bursaries, in health by providing assistive devices, in employment by setting a 5% employment of people with disabilities rule, as well public service appointments. The government has also set a 30% procurement policy which is set aside for youth, women and people with disabilities. Despite all the acts that have been passed into laws, implementation of all these policies has remained very far from the set regulations, and this is the current gap that LFTW programs in Kenya is working on. Supporting Government in making the policies work both for private sector as well.

In the work we do, we see real life impact. A woman with a disability fully dependent on her family for sustenance starting to make income for herself and now supporting her family. Its impact like this that keeps us going, and we feel that we are in the right direction

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