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10 December 2019

Meet the team: Murali

Hello there, I am Murali Padmanabhan from India. As Disability Inclusion Advisor I’m working for the three countries namely Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

Picture of Murali PadmanabhanI joined Light for the World in May 2015. I’m a blind person, so I’m very motivated to extend my hand to my fellow persons with disabilities. To ensure them of the opportunity to progress in life like anyone else. I am very touched by individuals with disabilities who say the people in their community judges them on their disability and do not value them for their ability, like anyone else.

As Disability Inclusion Advisor I work with stakeholders who are in the development sector, such as health, education, livelihood etc. The main goal is to include persons with disabilities in the ongoing mainstream-process. I help in awareness, capacity building, advice and guidance.

This work is very important, because the situation in India is not very ideal. However, we have some initiatives, but there is still a long way to go. Disability and persons with disabilities are not considered as equal citizen. They are either treated as extra-ordinary or with pity, but everybody should be treated as equally.

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