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1 July 2020

Meet the team: Jasper Oei

Meet Jasper OeiTeamleader Programmes by Light for the World the Netherlands. He gives us an insight about his work in the field of disability inclusion and his personal connection with Light for the World

“My name is Jasper Oei and I work for Light for the World the Netherlands as Teamleader Programmes. Starting out in medical biology, my professional background lies in project management, disability inclusion, and local partnerships. Before joining Light for the World, I have worked on projects and partnerships all around the world, among others, New Zealand, Saba (Dutch Caribbean) and Nigeria. In January of this year, I joined Light for the World.  

From my previous experiences in organizations focused on disability inclusion, I learned that many projects emphasize the recovery and rehabilitation of people affected by disability or illness. Although these projects provide practical solutions to stimulate disability inclusion, it is especially interesting that Light for the World has a disability inclusion approach involving other organizations and stakeholders.  

Essentially, Light for the World partners with organizations in envisioning what they can realistically achieve in the field of disability inclusion. Many organizations would like to be more inclusive. However, most of these organizations run into difficulties when realizing participatory inclusivity for people with disabilities in a working environment. It is important to look at the existing prejudices around people with disabilities and how these prejudices can be solved. Since all colleagues at Light for the World have a strong passion for our field of work, working at Light for the World is motivating and empowering in itself.  

By building healthy relationships and connecting different stakeholders, Light of the World ensures that the acquired knowledge and expertise are shared. Personally, I find it important to mediate between different parties.  

Due to the Corona-virus, many of our projects have been affected. However, there are also many relevant projects originating from the current situation. Really inspiring is one of those simple, yet comprehensive projects that is located in Cambodia. Here, people with disabilities recycle plastics into protective sheets to be used by health staff in the country. Even when the situation around the Corona-virus stabilizes, this project will still be of great relevance. Namely, other moulds can also be used to make different products from these recycled plastics. It is an example of the sustainable production of a very relevant and beautiful product. Most importantly, it shows the possibilities of disability inclusion in working environments, also in times of global insecurity.” 

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