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8 February 2018

Meet the team: Ambrose Murangira

“I have always worked on the promotion and protection of rights of people with disabilities. In the past as director of the Ugandan National Association of the Deaf (UNAD) and the national Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO) of Uganda. And now as Disability Inclusion Advisor for Light for the World in Uganda.

From my long experience in the disability sector –and as a person with a hearing impairment- I know that many DPO’s are always talking about the ‘What’. What is the problem of people with disabilities, what should the government and society do? But we should better focus on the ‘how’. Hów can we remove barriers in society for people with disabilities? How can we develop practical solutions? I appreciate this down-to-earth mentality of Light for the World.

I act on different levels. I represent Light for the World on international level, for instance during international meetings of the World Federation of the Deaf. I invest also a lot of time in forming partnerships on national and regional level. At the moment, we work in Uganda on involving companies and NGO’s in the ‘Make 12,4% work’ initiative – a platform to combat unemployment of young people with disabilities.

Finally, I work also on a very practical, local level. We work for instance with ZOA Refugee Care, to make their education program inclusive. We sit together with community members to look at accessibility issues on local level. How can you identify children with disabilities in your community? How do you arrange the classroom setting? Where are the children sitting? How can you communicate with a deaf or blind child? How accessible is the road to the school compound, what about wash rooms? Together with community members we develop practical arrangements”

I learned in my work that people face the same challenges wherever they live. Disability is borderless. Therefore I belief in strong partnership on international level”.

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