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12 June 2018

Make 12.4% Work!

On the 3rd of May we launched the Make 12.4% Work Initiative! This Initiative was born out of the realization that there is an urgent need to translate the disability inclusive policies in Uganda into action. We had learned that the multitude of livelihood programs that target vulnerable youth in Uganda often ‘forget’ to include young persons with disabilities. This is not out of lack of commitment, but they lack confidence to do so and think that working with persons with disabilities is for disability specific organizations.

The Make 12.4% Work Initiative brings disability organizations, government and development organizations together to open doors to persons with disabilities. The Initiative thrives on a pool of young persons with different types of impairments who provide training, coaching and support on how to make workplace disability friendly, how to include persons with disabilities in livelihood programs, and how to become more disability inclusive as organizations. We started with 12 ambassadors, being leading companies and national and international development organizations, and brought on board key stakeholders and policy makers.

We are now mobilizing more members to the Initiative, so that we can grow from the 12 initial members to 124 members in two years’ time, and we are proud to say that they are lining up. Also, the first vacancies are starting to be shared through our networks.

Please follow us on, our Facebook page of The Make 12.4% Work Initiative, and Twitter #WecanworkUg.

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