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21 November 2016

Lobby and advocacy

The Dutch government was the 166th country to ratify the CRPD this summer! Light for the World is of course very happy that its implementation can finally take off. The ratification was completed during the 9th Conference of State Parties to the CRPD in New York in June.

The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasized the importance of inclusive international cooperation in his speech: “The Netherlands strongly supports the focus of ‘Leave no one behind’ that was chosen as the umbrella for the Sustainable Development Goals agenda. People with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to being left behind. Their rights deserve special attention and protection.”

Lieke Scheewe, Light for the World’s Disability Rights Specialist, met with Minister Koenders in New York and has been following up on opportunities to mainstream disability in the Dutch ministry’s foreign aid, trade and human rights policies. While disability inclusion is still far from a priority for the Dutch government, promising steps are being taken in certain areas. Especially in the area of humanitarian aid, where the Netherlands is a substantial donor, strong commitments are being made.

At the World Humanitarian Summit the Netherlands has endorsed the Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action. Prior to the WHS, an expert-meeting was held with the Ministry and the Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (of which Light for the World is an active member), where experiences were shared by, amongst others, our partner Centre for Disability in Development from Bangladesh. The government is currently working on a national implementation plan for the CRPD. We’re collaborating with the Dutch disability movement and working hard to ensure that Article 32 on international cooperation becomes a strong part of the CRPD implementation plan!

Lieke in New York
Lieke playing soccer with Minister Koenders

Lieke DCDD
Expert-meeting with the Ministry and DCDD

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