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7 November 2016

Leave No One Behind

The working group on Social Inlcusion with the Partos Learning Platform published a practical guide: ‘Leave no one behind!’. With this guide the working group hopes to inspire development organisations, governments, donors and private sector on inclusion of ultra-poor and marginalised people in economic development.

Seminar series

Ultra-poor and marginalised people are not very visible in their societies, and are easily overlooked in the design of development policies and programmes. The result is that the people who need it most are not benefitting from economic development programmes. In the new global goals for sustainable development, inclusion of marginalised groups has a prominent place. But what needs to be done to make sure that no one is left behind in economic development? In cooperation with the African Studies Centre, The Partos working group on Social inclusion organised a seminar series on this topic and gathered a lot of good examples and tools to include ultra-poor and marginalised people in economic development. With this practical guide the working group aims to inspire NGO’s, policy makers, national governments, institutional donors and private sector to work on inclusion of ultra-poor and marginalised groups.

You can download the publication here.

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