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15 May 2018

Jalan Setapak Menuju Purworejo yang Inklusiv Disabilitas

This nice book was published by Pusat Rehabilitasi Yakkum (PRY) in Indonesia, with support from Light for the World and Ford Foundation, with a preface by the Chief Executive officer of Purworejo region (Middle-Java, Indonesia). The program it came from addresses the poverty among persons with disabilities in this Middle-Java district. Around 75% of people with disabilities in Indonesia are unemployed. It is known that disability leads to increased chances of poverty, and poverty again increases the chances of becoming disabled.

In this program persons with disabilities started participating in community development programs, which were supported by local government. Opportunities were created in building business or other income earning activities. PRY helped to set up vocational training, based on market demands. For instance a training for tailors that focused on higher-than-basic training and the use of electric sewing machines. Candidates were guided through individual rehabilitation schemes, where the Government Social Services were an important referral institution. For empowerment PRY helped to establish DPOs at sub-district levels, which are closer to clients than the more usual district-level organisations. The program ran for 3 years in 5 sub-districts. PRY supported organization management, business training, learning to cooperate with the business world and development of products that DPO-members produced. For instance: food-processing, goat rearing, food-selling, shop-keeping, high-end tailoring.

This book is the documentation of social and economic aspects of the 5 DPOs. It reflects what has been done to come to social and economic inclusion of people with disabilities. It reflects the struggle and solutions that were created at personal, family and community level. Ultimately this is a documentation of best practices that will help guide the process of social change that disability inclusion is.

In 5 chapters each the history of each of the DPOs is reconstructed through interviews, involving aspects of empowerment, choice of business, advocacy towards local government and business circles and development of livelihoods and trainings. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, PRY maintains. The book closes with the views of a higher official in regional government and a local business leader. It adds some learnings on the importance for DPOs of advocacy toward local government and other stakeholders and with some recommendations for DPOs on strong leadership and organizational culture, as well as the importance of managing internal conflicts. The book is in Bahassa Indonesia, the Indonesian national language.

Download Buku Pendampingan Purworejo here


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