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13 October 2020

Independent farmers in Kenya

Together with different Kenyan partners like UDPKBoP Inc., and KEPSAwe are now working on increasing the independence of Kenyan farmers. The aim of the project is independence and reducing poverty among these farmers. In 2020 and 2021 three groups of 20 farmers will be supported in starting and further building up mushroom production. These farmers either have a disability themselves or have a relative with a disability. The production of mushrooms will provide income for the whole family, so they will be lifted out of poverty.  

The farmers will be supported in production and sales of these mushrooms, but also in developing a business structure and business support. Also, Light for the World is looking for more local partners who would like to buy mushrooms or deliver essential resources for growing the mushrooms. Java House is already delivering their coffee residue as a base to grow mushrooms on.  

Impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 has led to some delays of the project activities; however, the project is still up and running. In June 2020 we have, with the help of our partner CDSK, mobilized three groups of people who want to be involved in the project. Two of the groups come from the slums of Kenya, the other one is from a center for girls with mental disabilities. 

Members with a visual impairment

At least 9 of the members have a visual impairment. Our goal is to reach 15 to 20 persons with a visual impairment. However, over the months we have noticed that many people with a visual impairment are not motivated to work as a mushroom grower. Therefore, we have fewer persons with a visual impairment within the project. Although the percentage of people with a visual impairment is lower, we are not worried about reaching the 120 farmers who will hopefully have a stable income by the end of 2021.  

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