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1 July 2016

Inclusive business and value chain development

Public private partnerships are booming. Inclusive business development, marketing for the poor and
value chain development are hot topics today. These innovative, promising initiatives intent to reach out to the people living at the bottom of the income pyramid.

The big question is, however, whether people belonging to marginalised groups, the poorest of the poor, are able to benefit, since such initiatives are often focused on the people who are a bit better off. These benefits do not automatically trickle down to the most marginalised people. Is there a way to include people with disabilities? What is the business case to do so? How can we ensure that they also benefit from value chain development programmes?

No one actor is able to solve this problem alone. Businesses, disabled people’s organisations, governments and NGOs have to get together to develop and test new strategies to solve this puzzle. We will look for collaboration with parties and networks that are willing to explore these social issues.

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