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5 February 2019

In the Spotlight: Pedro

“I don’t support or like injustice. And what makes me sad is the silence of righteous and not too much the noise of unrighteous! What motivates me in my job is to see changes that we make both on system level, like changed policies, but also on individual level. When I see a child with disability enrolled at school or physically rehabilitated in such way that can walk or do some daily activities,” tells Pedro Safrao.

Pedro works in Mozambique for Light for the World. He tells us something about himself, but especially why he works for Light for the World. He talks about important changes and things that still needs improvement for persons with disabilities.

“I am Christian, married and have a University Degree in Economics & Management, and I am currently doing my Master in Public Health. This year I will turn 46. Before joining Light for the World in 2010, I worked for Handicap International (HI) managing a project called ‘Sport and Disability’ aiming at social inclusion and development of persons with disabilities through sports.

At Light for the World I am Programme Officer and Disability Inclusion Advisor. My task is to manage some projects, provide technical support to our partners as well as taking forward at national level some strategic discussion, like lobby and advocacy, and networking, in order to make inclusion work as well as making Community Based Rehabilitation part of the government agenda.

I work for Light for the World because of its focus; the most marginalized people.  And because of its way of achieving that, through government and local institutions and organizations, including Disabled Peoples Organisations.

What my dream is for the future for persons with disabilities is to see them in the driver’s seat. Empowered in such way that they can by themselves fight for their rights for inclusion. An inclusive society!

What still needs to be changed for persons with disabilities is the attitude of the society toward persons with disabilities. If the society changes its attitude all other barriers will be ‘easily’ tackled.

I think that the most important things that already have changed for persons with disabilities is in two ways. On the one hand persons with disabilities now understand that they have rights. And on other hand, the society is starting recognizing that leave no one behind is not a favor but a RIGHT!”

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