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18 March 2019

Hurricane in Mozambique: Light for the World is committed to support!

At least 84 people died in the port city of Beira in Mozambique as a result of a hurricane. Hundreds of people are still missing. In the night from Thursday to Friday, the hurricane caused great devastation in large parts of southern Africa. In Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi in particular, the damage is enormous. Thousands of people have become homeless. At least half a million people have not had electricity for days, due to the hurricane. In addition, houses, streets and fields are flooded. Many areas are totally inaccessible, as bridges have collapsed.

Your help is desperately needed! Especially in an emergency situation like this, people with disabilities are extremely vulnerable. Blind people and people with a physical disability cannot or can hardly leave their homes or buildings, so that they are trapped and cannot reach the emergency services. In addition, heavy rain and a high risk of flooding are expected in the coming days, which increases the danger.

Light for the World has therefore started a fundraising campaign to support people affected by hurricane Idai via our local partners. In this way we mainly hope to help people with disabilities in this emergency situation. Fortunately, our colleagues in Mozambique have communicated that they are safe. Yet much is still unclear. As soon as we have a better overview of the situation on the ground, we will start making plans on how we can offer concrete assistance. Updates will follow.

Your financial support is necessary. Donate now and save lives! Click HERE to donate.

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