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5 March 2019

Good news from Uganda!

We are grateful that we have so many loyal donors. Donors who ensure that we can make as much impact in the lives of people with disabilities. Impact around the world!

We understand that it is important and valuable for you to know exactly what we are doing with your donation. That is why our colleagues report annually what they have achieved to make societies more inclusive. A good example of this is our program in Uganda.

Light for the World started a partnership with ZOA in Uganda . The partnership enabled us to provide ZOA and Christian Counselling Fellowship (CCF) with specialized expertise and guidance in mainstreaming disability. Eventually, ZOA and her partners could apply the attainted knowledge and skills throughout the Skills Entrepreneurship and Employment (SEE) Acholi program. In total, 248 (110 male, 138 female) young people with disabilities  have been included in skills trainings, due to this program. In practice, specialists from Light for the World provided ZOA staff, Community Link Agents, parents and youth with disabilities with on-the-job coaching and mentoring. These coaching sessions successfully enabled employees from ZOA to include and empower people with disabilities in their local programs. Do you want evidence of that? Here it is:

LFTW has supported ZOA to include young persons with disabilities in the three skills development approaches applied in the SEE Acholi program:

  • Vocational training in Vocational Training Institutes
  • Skills training through apprenticeship providers. These are local entrepreneurs selected by the community and supported by ZOA to provide quality training to young persons, e.g. a local mechanic or a tailor
  • Agri Skills Training through youth farmer groups

Alfonse Odongo is one of the program participants who was included in a youth farmer group. Alfonse is aged  19 and lives in Pabala village, in the Agago district. He is hard of hearing, and an ambitious entrepreneur. The project allowed him to grow sun flowers and sorghum. The latest personal harvest earned him UGX 143,000 as individual income. Alfonse: “The profits I make have enabled me to buy clothes and other household materials”. For Alfonse, this is just the beginning. In the future, he aims to set up a production company.

Alfonse and his business is just one case of the many successes, achieved by our partnership with ZOA in Uganda. Other accomplishments include the development of training materials on disability inclusion and the realization of four master training workshops for the steering committee and focal persons. The training materials and master workshops resulted in ZOA’s new aim to target people with disabilities in three new livelihood programs. In this way, ZOA is making their local programs more disability inclusive with guidance and expertise of Light for the World.

In short, with the money we received via donations, we were able to provide partner organizations (ZOA) with specialized expertise and guidance, in order to include people with disabilities in their local programs. As many as 239 young people with disabilities are now part of local programs and receive fair opportunities for a bright future!

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