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27 October 2017

Empowerment training for Deaf People Organisations South Sudan

Light for the World tries to alleviate social and economic hardship that people with disabilities suffer in South Sudan, also deaf people. Most deaf people hardly had any form of education and have very limited awareness about society and social dynamics.


One of the activities of Light for the World is to develop training programmes to empower deaf people and to teach them how to build a common identity from the concepts of Deaf culture and Sign Language. Deaf people are trained in teamwork skills and to use Deaf Culture and Sign Language as binding factors. In South Sudan, this is a challenge because people live divided among tribal lines.

The main purpose of the training programs is to give Deaf people a chance to learn how they can work together despite their ethnic differences. They must develop a sense of cultural identity and pride from their deafness.

The improvement of cooperation among deaf people and the establishment of a new Deaf Association should lead to visible awareness creation about Deaf people in society. People should know that Deaf people are part of society and they are represented with an official organization, and that they are just as capable as anyone else in leading a rewarding and valuable life.

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