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6 February 2018

Developing the Inclusion Game

What better way to make service providers aware of the barriers that persons with disabilities face than with a game? With that thought, Light for the World is developing the Inclusion Game.

A first prototype of the game has been developed and tested, together with And the People, as part of our Every Life Matters programme which focuses on inclusive healthcare. Health care providers in Mozambique, Rwanda and Ethiopia were invited to put themselves in the shoes of three personas with disabilities, and pass through challenges that persons with disabilities face in medical settings.

The results were exciting: the Game did not only stimulate understanding of exclusive practices among the medical staff but urged them to take an action towards inclusion. Moreover, the Game created a setting where learning was experienced as fun.

On January 18th, we were also invited by Voice (a fund by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to play the game during the ‘Learn from Innovation’ conference. This was quite a hit, and offered more input for us to further develop the Game.

Interested in hearing more about how the Game works, or testing it out in your programme? Contact Matthijs Nederveen.

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