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12 June 2018

Designing solutions in agriculture

Last May, we held two design workshops with farmers from the province of Pursat, Cambodia. The farmers came together to identify, discuss and prioritize problems they are facing when doing agricultural work. The goal of this series of five workshops, organized by Light for the World, Massey University, Agile and Engineers without Borders, is to work on solutions that are suited and tailored to local conditions and culture, and bringing in the concept of universal design. The methodology used is based on participatory design techniques, which places the user group – in this case farmers with and without a disability – at the centre.

In an earlier design cycle, organized in Kampong Chhnang, the participating farmers had designed a rice seeder that is more efficient than the ones that are currently on the market, as ir provides a better dosage of seeds. In addition, because this design can be both pushed and pulled, it is also easier to use for farmers with arm or leg prostheses, as well as for farmers with low vision.

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