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13 October 2020

Changing the lives of young people with disabilities

Together with the Dutch recycling company Eeko we have started collecting old mobile phones and cardridges, through placing collection boxes in e.g. supermarkets and offices. For every mobile phone or cartridge which Eeko can reuse, we receive a small donation which we then invest in our Make 12.4% Work InitiativeWe have already made and still making change in Uganda through this project, which is by young people and for young people with disabilities. The progress we made in 2019 includes:  

  • Connection with 102 partners, including development organisations, governmental institutions, micro-financiers, and other companies.  
  • 1.250 people within these organisations are trained and aware of handicaps and rights related to people with a disability.  
  • To be precise, a number of 5.783 people with a disability are benefitting from our Make 12.4% Work Initiative.  
  • Another 152 people are directly benefitting because of internship places, professional skill courses, projects, and support in finding work. 
  • 25 new disability inclusion facilitators have had training and a 1-year scholarship to grow as a facilitator, role model and coach of inclusion and trainer.  

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