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13 October 2020

Cambodia’s policy papers

To raise awareness at the Cambodian government, we have developed policy papers for different topics related to the livelihood of people with disabilitiesThere are 6 different subjects, such as Inclusion, Employment, Sports, Social protection, Community Based Care and Accessibility. The policy papers raise awareness about the need of inclusion of people with disabilities for each one of the topics. Some examples are:  

  • Inclusion in education leads to higher employment and earning potential.
  • Inclusion in work and employment opportunities lead to a higher income and GDP. 
  • Employment is beneficial for individuals and their families.
  • Ensuring employment of persons with disabilities is better for the country’s economy.  
  • A healthy population has a reduced health care cost.
  • Participating in sports improves the physical health of persons with disabilities. 

With these policy papers that include arguments on why exactly e.g. sport is beneficial to ones physical health, we are trying to make governments more aware of disabilities and at the same encourage them act to increase opportunities for people with disabilities.  

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