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7 May 2018

Better road safety for and by persons with disabilities

Every day in Cambodia, 42 persons are victims of a traffic accident. Some are killed, others become temporarily or permanently disabled. Considering the amount of traffic accidents, the expectations is that the number of persons with disabilities is on the rise. The economic loss to society is calculated to be around 331 million euros, as these persons are consequently excluded from the labour market.

Light for the World Cambodia has been working together with the Cambodian Red Cross on road safety information campaigns. Amongst others, we collaborate so that persons with disabilities can become volunteers of the road safety campaigns.

The UN has called for a Global Road Safety Week from May 8th until May 14th. In that context, Light for the World Cambodia and the Cambodian Red Cross have put together a series of three short clips, targeted towards Cambodian youth as they form the greatest group of traffic victims. All actors in this video are youth with a disability.


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